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Our bodies are comprised of a whole lot of complex chemicals, but 60-75% of our physical form is comprised of water. So it only makes sense that when we discuss ways to improve our health and wellness that we turn to water. Finding wellness in the stream of life is as simple as providing the water our body craves and needs.


Our cells must be properly hydrated to function optimally. Water conducts electricity, and Chinese medicine shows us through the meridian system that we are an electrical unit. Our lymphatic system, the largest organ of the body, is a water-based system.

One way to support our lymph system is through lymphatic massage. This stimulates this full-body system and encourages flow. It is important to drink adequate water, especially after a lymph massage. When you stimulate the flow of the lymph system you also encourage the release and movement of toxins and waste. You may feel the effects of this flush, and may feel worse after your massage due to this flush. Drinking additional water during this toxic-dump can lessen the after effects so the toxins and waste are fully flushed from the body. Hydration is a basic support you can give to your body to increase energy, improve clarity, release toxicity, and support the body electrical system. Find wellness in the stream of life, and give the most basic of elements to your lymph system, your blood stream, and every living cell.

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