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Trampoline Exercises - A Great Way To Lymph Health

Trampoline Exercises - A Great Way To Lymph Health

Author: Ned DAgostino

Sure you can drive down just about any neighborhood street and find kids having a great time jumping on a trampoline, but don't make the mistake of thinking that this is simply a kid's toy. The fact is that adults are quickly learning that trampolines are not only fun, but that trampoline exercises are a great way to get fit.


If you've ever attempted an exercise routine, chances are you quit because it became boring. It's probably the main reason people don't stick to them. But since trampolines are so much fun, there's a better chance you'll stay with the routine. And you'll be losing weight and toning your muscles without the aid of a bunch of other exercise equipment.

So how does it work? Well obviously bouncing on a trampoline is a cardiovascular workout. Like running on the streets or on a treadmill, it will increase your heart rate and strengthen a lot of your vital organs. This type of exercise will also increase your metabolism, which in turn, speeds up your efforts to lose weight. And the constant motion on a trampoline will improve your blood flow, give you more endurance, and also help rid your body of many toxins that lead to weight gain and poor health.

Your leg muscles will tone up quickly because of the constant jumping motion. If you'd rather work on the muscles in your back, simply keep your legs straight when you jump. You can strengthen your arms as well by adding some arm motions, such as swinging them every time your feet touch. And to quickly increase strength, you can use ankle weights or put a small dumbbell in each hand. Don't do this however until you've been on your routine for a while.

People with back problems often find trampoline exercises helpful. The jumping motion tends to release strain or tension that may be building up. And these exercises are low impact, which means you're not putting any additional stress on your muscles or joints. If you've been jogging but find that the constant pounding is causing pain in your knees, ankles or back, a trampoline is a great substitute. This is even more beneficial if you are just getting back into exercise after a leg injury.

And the great thing is that only your body weight is being used to strengthen and tone your muscles. No additional weight is required.

It's been proven many times over that exercise is crucial at any age. Senior citizens can benefit from a trampoline as well. Just 20 minutes each day will give you a great workout without straining muscles, bones and joints.

Most people spend some time each night either watching TV or a movie on the DVD player. Use this time to also bounce on a trampoline. Instead of being a couch potato, you'll be using this time to get rid of some calories, exercise your muscles, and increase your lung capacity. You won't miss your favorite show, and you'll be more healthy for watching it.

And since you'll be enjoying yourself, you'll be more likely to stay with your routine for a long time.

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