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Stimulate your Lymphatic System to Prevent Acne

Water is the primary element that helps us clear toxins from accumulating in the body. Your body circulates about four gallons of water each day through your kidneys, and the kidneys filter that water and send toxins out in the form of urine.


You need to drink an adequate amount of water for your body to properly cleanse itself. Alcohol and sugar, that is soda and energy drinks containing sugar, work against the natural cleansing that water alone can accomplish. Fresh fruits and vegetables also contain high water content, as well as the minerals, vitamins and fiber that support our body health.

Your skin is a part of your lymphatic system, and in fact this is the biggest organ in your body. Skin is porous. We can absorb chemicals through our skin, and some nutrients as well. We also excrete through our skin, with water evaporation and the release of salts and toxins through perspiration.

When you drink adequate water your kidneys do not need to work quite so hard, and are better able to filter and excrete. You can gauge your hydration level by the color of your urine. Urine should be nearly clear, and the darker the urine is the more concentrated, meaning a lack of water. One note though, some vitamin supplements are excreted through our urine, and will cause a bright yellow color.

You also need water to keep your skin moist and protect it from bacteria. Without adequate water your skin cannot properly flush itself of toxins. Those toxins can accumulate, as well as excessive oils, causing the pores to become blocked. The secret to healthier, happier skin is to stimulate your lymphatic system, thereby preventing acne before it can begin. Water also carries vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals to each and every cell. Give your body this basic tool to better health, both inside and out, by drinking a glass of water.

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