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Getting a Full Body Massage

Author: Ned Dagostino

There is very little to beat a full body massage delivered by a licensed professional massage therapist. It relieves you of tensions of the body and the mind, and some even go so far as to say, the soul. This article does not refer to nor recommend visits to those massage parlors that are run by unlicensed and untrained personnel.

Massage is a form of psychosomatic treatment. By 'psychosomatic treatment' I mean that which affects the body and the mind in consort. A trained masseuse will use her knowledge of physiology to soothe the nerves. This calms the recipient's mind. The masseuse will also manipulate the muscles and tissues to relieve physical tension. So you benefit bodily and mentally in many wonderful ways. An untrained practitioner focuses only on the physical aspect, the body. Therefore such a massage is only half done, and leaves you vaguely unsatisfied.

The basic idea behind a massage is touch therapy. Humans tend to become ill physically and emotionally in the absence of touch. If a baby is not fondled, it languishes and becomes cranky, and even physically ill. This need to be touched is what imbues a massage with therapeutic qualities. Relaxation apart, it actually helps muscle fibers to heal after an injury, even to resist injury. Muscles get toned when massaged. The blood circulation improves, aiding general health and cell growth. The lymphatic circulation perks up too, thus improving the immune system. Massage removes blockages in these two circulatory systems. A massage, when done properly, relaxes you and invigorates you simultaneously. You get complete rest when you sleep and when you wake up you are more alert, and can get more work done.

There are many people who go out of their way to stay at a particular hotel or health resort only to avail of the massage services they offer. So it's time that you shed your apprehensions about massage parlors and take the plunge! You won't regret it, ever!

I'll walk you through your first massage. The first step is to select a well-reputed massage parlor. You go to the receptionist, register yourself, and set up an appointment. The usual charge is $50 to $100 for an hour-long session. You step into a private cabin, step out of your clothes, and lie face down on the massage table. You'll be covered with a sheet, just to keep the warmth in. The masseuse will begin massaging you, using a massage oil to help her hands move smoothly over you. There are special strokes used in a massage like strokes, circular motions, pressing actions, and a gentle kneading action.

It is common for the masseuse to begin the massage at the feet and then work her way up, past the legs, up to the hips. You will feel the warmth generated by her hands flowing into the muscles, relaxing each fiber, untwisting the veins and arteries, nerves and tendons and ligaments. There are a number of methods of massage. You should let the massage therapist select the one that is best for you. When you have had ten or more massages, you'll be experienced enough to make your own choice!

From the hips her hands will move over the back, the arms and shoulders, the neck, and finally the head.

Massaging generates a little heat inside the body which heals the body from the inside. Thus therapeutic heat is generated right at the spot where it is needed. This process of internal healing is wonderfully restorative. There is just one thing you must be careful about: don't visit any of these shady massage parlors. Ask around before selecting one to give your custom to. Insist on being massaged by a professional masseuse who has undergone a rigorous training and passed a state-approved examination before being licensed to practice in public. This is to make sure that you are not harmed in any way. So, see you at the massage parlor!


If you don't have the time to go see a massage therapist, you should check out the many electric massage chairs currently on the market. Also visit to find out why a good massage table is so important to a relaxing massage.

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