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Author: Maryam Muawiyyah

Cancer refers to the diseases caused by abnormal division of cells that later attack other body tissues. Cancer cells normally spread to other body parts through the lymph and blood system. There are over 100 different cancer types and most of them are named as per the type of cell or organ where they originate. Untreated cancer can cause severe illness and even lead to death. Cancer is among the leading causes of death and about two-thirds of cancer cases are caused by environmental factors. Environmental causes of cancer are those factors in the surroundings that contribute to cancer development.


In order to answer the question what environmental factors cause cancer, it is vital to know that these factors can be both external as well as personal. External environmental causes of cancer identify those environmental pollutants, which increase the cancer risk. Over 85 percent of cancers cases arise owing to lifestyle preferences individuals make placing them at high risks of developing cancer. For instance, tobacco causes over 30 percent cancer deaths. The risk of developing cancer due to environmental factors is incomparable. Ultra violet rays from the sun, sunlamps and tanning beds cause different skin cancer types such as melanoma. Various environmental causes of cancer amount from peoples way of life and exposure to agents found in the water or air.

Over past years, it has been estimated by epidemiologists that there are many death percentages attributed to environmental factors. For example, thirty percent of cancer deaths have been credited to tobacco. Medical procedures, nutrition and diet, alcohol, gynecologic or reproductive factors, chemical substances, asbestos exposure, magnetic field and electric exposure and exposure to nuclear facility are other cancer causes. When finding out what environmental factors cause cancer, keep in mind that various environmental factors, both external and personal cause cancer. Research has proven Ultraviolet and ionizing radiation to be cancer causes to humans. The sun produces ultraviolet radiation and excess exposure to the UV radiation is the main cause of melanoma, squamous cell and basal skin cancers.

Carcinogens identify substances believed to increase the risk of developing cancer. To make out what environmental factors cause cancer, bear in mind environmental carcinogens. In some instances, carcinogens damage the DNA directly while in some, the cause is indirect. This explains why not each exposure to a carcinogen leads to cancer. The extent and intensity of exposure to ecological carcinogens determines the chances of developing cancer. Some ecological carcinogens include chemicals, infectious agents, and air pollution. Exposure to particular chemicals, parasites, and bacteria are known risk factors for various cancer types.

The main environmental causes of cancer are generally associated with the personal and external environment. Radiation, sun exposure and environmental pollutants are some of the external environmental cancer causes. Individuals ways of life ranging from the diet to the elements one uses or is exposed to like tobacco and nutrition have been proven to cause cancer.

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