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The breasts contain many lymph vessels, and are an important part of the lymphatic system. They differ from other parts in the body in that there is no external compression such as muscles to promote flow in the lymphatic vessels. Because of this the fluid can remain stagnant, allowing an accumulation of waste products and toxins. Health and circulation in the breast tissues can be encouraged by gentle massage, adding the necessary circulation.


Breast massage can be self administered, or the breasts can be massaged by someone else. While the breasts are often associated with sexual stimulation we should not leave breast care out of our health and wellness program. Breast health affects our psychological well-being as well as our emotions and self image.

Breast tissue is comprised of mostly adipose fat. A properly performed breast massage helps to tone and firm these tissues, aiding circulation and the release of toxicity and stagnant fluids. Massage also has its beauty value as well, helping to tone and shape, increasing attractiveness. The supporting ligaments are toned as well, giving the breasts better support.

The amount of pressure and speed of movement will vary from one person to the next, for women vary in sensitivity. Firm breast can tolerate more pressure. A gentle organic lotion may be used to reduce friction, and a small amount of essential oils may be considered, though some may be more sensitive to these oils.

Many books are available that show techniques and provide tips in breast massage. A good massage will increase blood flow, giving great therapeutic benefits. You can practice basic breast massage every day as a part of your shower or bath routine.

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