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Anti Aging Tool: More Than Just Skin Deep

Author: Steve Esquire

Not too hard to guess the trend that everyone wants to look young.  This has started what is now becoming known as anti-aging.  Anti aging treatments are as old as time itself.  Women have known how to keep their skin nice and soft and have applied various topical treatments.  These treatments have been revved up with the application of science.  We have seen an avalanche of skin creams and other miracle wrinkle removers.  Most of the products have really targeted the superficial layers of our skin.  However, the problem tends to run a little bit deeper.  The muscles are also involved and need treatment of their own.  Now massage chairs are employing advanced capabilities to help reduce whole body aging.

Aging occurs at many levels within the body.  Some are biological and some are environmental.  Science is furiously studying the biological causes and at some point may have some breakthroughs.  Environmentally aging is influenced by the levels of stress and your commitment to exercise.  Stress puts the body on high alert.  The body is ready for action with the muscles tense and the major organs prepared to support the body.  Exercise or more appropriately the lack of exercise makes the body less able to withstand the forces of nature put upon us.  Both of these factors start to show the wear and tear on the body via the skin.

We seem to come under stress from everywhere.  Some of caused by external factors like our boss.  Some of it caused by internal factors like us wanting to achieve something.  Both of these causes come from mental stress.  We put pressure on ourselves that is the product of our thoughts.  As we think these thoughts, our body reacts as if it is under physical stress from harm.  The body mobilizes itself to prepare for a fight or to run away.  The major organs kick into overdrive and the legs and arms are activated for action.  Trouble is we have no physical action.  The stress causes chemicals to be released in our bodies, but they are not given a physical release.  This can cause higher levels of toxins in the body to build up.

Take a moment and really look at your reaction to stress.  We come under pressure from a due date or other deadline.  We put more pressure on ourselves to meet it.  This pressure is stress.  Stress helps us build up the energy to overcome the challenge, but not without a cost.  The stress causes a chemical reaction in our body to provide the energy.  These chemicals do there part, but waste products result.  These waste products are toxins.  Our blood and lymph systems flush out many of these toxins, but others are still trapped in the muscles.  Massage therapy is a proven technique to flush out these toxins from the muscles.  Many of the top massage chairs have massage therapies such as shiatsu or Swedish which both flush out toxins and also induce relaxation.

There are specific massage therapies that exactly target the stress reaction.  The body is an interconnected system of relations.  Certain reactions are essentially hardwired in us.  Stress mobilizes the body with the fight or flight reaction.  This exact process can be reversed with Reflexology massage therapy.  Reflexology massage makes use of trigger points located in the hands or feet.  When these points are stimulated, they have a corresponding major organ that is relaxed.  Reflexology basically sends signals back to the major organ that the stress has passed and it can return to its normal operating mode.  This massage technique calms the major organs and induces your entire body to relax.

When we look at the factors of the aging process, understand that they are constant.  They just do not stop.  Stress is not something that can be turned off.  It comes when it comes.  Therefore, a real anti aging treatment must be continuous to counteract these factors.  Obtaining massage therapy on a regular basis is the type of treatment that helps offset these things.  Many of the best massage chairs have very effective massage therapy treatments.  These are some of your best tools to slow down the aging process before it hits the skin.  Get your anti-aging arsenal working well before it starts to show on the surface.



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