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Your lymph system is one of the largest organ systems in your body. It works very much like the blood circulation system, but on the reverse side. The lymph system goes everywhere in the body cleaning up toxins and cell debris. Your blood system is busy delivering water, minerals, nutrition and oxygen to each and every one of the trillion cells in the body.


Your lymph vessels are on the other end of the picture removing cell wastes, toxins, and literally cleansing the body. Especially after heavy exercise or an injury good lymphatic health is necessary for wellness and optimum health. The lymph system is a natural detoxification of the injured area.

This is an interesting point: The largest concentration of lymph tissue in the body actually surrounds the intestines. This mass is know as the: gut-associated lymphatic tissue, or GALT, this tissue is the gatekeeper of the body’s defenses, and it actively separates desirable nutrients from undesirable pathogens, and helps mount a defense against pollutants and toxic foods.

Some people who do not move the body enough to help “pump” the lymph system and the body begins to drown in its own toxic waste. C. Samuel West, worlds authority on the lymphatic health who wrote the book “The Golden Seven Plus One” has helped many sick people regain their health by getting them to use the rebounder. A rebounder is a mini trampoline you bounce on to help get the lymph system moving.

The lymph system has no real pump like the heart pumps the blood to push it through out the body and bring it back up again. The lymph system relies on body movement to move the lymph. I bet a lot of thoughts are active in your head. You might be thinking of an older friend of yours who is getting sicker and sicker and has lost all desire to take a walk around the park.

If person will not move the body, then they will get sicker with the toxic wastes accumulating and puddling in the health tissue. That tissue will not be healthy long without a detoxification.

C. Samuel West told me a story about an old Indian tradition where if a tribes person felt that they were old and a burden on the group they would go out and tie themselves to a tree and after several days their body would die. From this story I was really impressed with the importance of moving the body. Remember to exercise!

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